Peck's Bad Girl

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Mabel Normand in Peck's Bad Girl

Peck's Bad Girl is a 1918 comedy film directed by Charles Giblyn, written by Tex Charwate, produced by Samuel Goldwyn, and starring Mabel Normand and Earle Foxe. The black and white silent film was released by the Goldwyn Pictures Corporation (a forerunner of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) in 35mm on September 2, 1918. The picture's running time is 50 minutes.


Mabel Normand ... Minnie Penelope Peck
Earle Foxe ... Dick
Corinne Barker ... Hortense Martinot
Blanche Davenport ... Miss Olivia
Riley Hatch ... Adam Raskell
Leslie Hunt ... Willie Raskell
Eddie Sturgis ... Pearson
Joseph Granby ... Walker
Edward M. Favor ... Peck (billed as "E.M. Favor")
F.G. Patton ... Sheriff
Auge Becker ... Constable

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