Peck Up Your Troubles

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Peck Up Your Troubles is a 1945 animated short featuring Sylvester the cat. It was written by Michael Maltese and directed by Friz Freleng. The cartoon marked the first appearance of Sylvester's long-time foe Hector the Bulldog, who would later become a recurring character in Tweety and Sylvester cartoons. The woodpecker would later reappear in A Peck o' Trouble, a Dodsworth Cat cartoon directed by Robert McKimson in 1953.


Sylvester is determined to get a woodpecker that just moved in, high in a tree. He climbs, but the bird greases the tree; he starts to cut it down, but a mean dog (Hector, in his first appearance) stops him (this becomes a running gag). Several other attempts follow; at one point, he puts his paw into the bird's home, and the bird puts a tomato there; Sylvester squishes it, and the bird dresses as an angel to torment him, but Sylvester sees through the disguise. Finally, Sylvester tries to blow up the tree; the dog again intervenes. Sylvester gets the dynamite off the tree and puts out the fuses, but the bird has lit them again, and now Sylvester dies and really becomes an angel.


  • On Cartoon Network, the part where Sylvester holds the gun to his head and attempts to shoot himself after the "angel" woodpecker gives him the gun (only for Sylvester to realize he's been duped and blast the woodpecker in the rear end) was cut.

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