Pectoral axillary lymph nodes

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Pectoral axillary lymph nodes
Lymphatics of the mamma, and the axillary glands
Illu breast lymph nodes.jpg
2. Axillary lymphatic plexus
4. Cubital lymph nodes (not part of the lymph node drainage of the breast)
5. Superficial axillary (low axillary)
6. Deep axillary lymph nodes
7. Brachial axillary lymph nodes
8. Interpectoral axillary lymph nodes (Rotter nodes)
10. Paramammary or intramammary lymph nodes
11. Parasternal lymph nodes (internal mammary nodes)
Latin nodi lymphoidei axillares pectorales
Drains to
central lymph nodes
Gray's p.699
Anatomical terminology

An anterior or pectoral group consists of four or five glands along the lower border of the Pectoralis minor, in relation with the lateral thoracic artery.

Their afferents drain the skin and muscles of the anterior and lateral thoracic walls, and the central and lateral parts of the mamma; their efferents pass partly to the central and partly to the subclavicular groups of axillary glands.

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