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Country  India
State Andhra Pradesh
District Guntur
Talukas Pedanandipadu
 • Official Telugu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 522 235
Telephone code 08643

Pedanandipadu is a village and a mandal in Guntur district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.[1]

Pedanandipadu village is 30 km away from Guntur, the district headquarters, on the way towards Parchur via Prathipadu. This is one of the fast developing Mandals in Guntur district with much political literacy and devotional sense.

Pedanandipadu people have a significant place in Indian history for their protests against the British ruling under the leadership of 'Parvathaneni Veeraiah Chowdary', whose statue proudly stands in the center of Pedanandipadu. The Statues of Dr B R Ambedkar and Com. Kolla Venkaiah are at the center of the Village.

There are Sivalayam, Vaishnavalayam, Ramaalayam, Shirdi Sai temple, Puttaparthi Sai Baba Chanting area, one mosque, and many churches around the village. Several devotional and religious activities are carried out throughout the year in various temples.

Pedanandipadu is the education hub for the surrounding three mandals: Kakumanu, Prathipadu, and Parchuru. A high school (presently called Zilla Parishat High School or ZPHS) was started in the early 20th century when only a few villages have the educational facilities. The existence of the school helped the residents of this village and the surrounding villages in getting educated. The school brought awareness about the importance of education among the villageres. Later, during 1969 a degree college viz. The Pedanandipadu Arts and Science college was established with liberal donations from the people of Pedanandipadu and surrounding villages under the leadership of Sri Thella Krishnamma Chowdary (who retired as a District Judge) of the nearby Palaparru village (who was an earlier beneficiary of education in the ZPHS), along with Sri Lavu Veerabhadraiah, Sri Dasari Seshagiri Rao and others. The college has initially provided education from Intermediate to Graduation in various disciplines and later the same was upgraded to a Post Graduation Institute offering professional courses of MBA and MCA. Many from the village have become successful in their respective fields e.g. Sri Lavu Rathaiah has established a huge chain of educational institutions throughout the State of Andhra Pradesh, Sri Lavu Nageswararao is practicing as a Senior Advocate at Supreme Court of India. The villagers are quite enlightened and forward looking; a Public library was established in the early part of 20th Century. The library is presently named after Com. Kolla Venkaiah as a memorial library and is located at the centre of the village stands as an Icon of library movement in the region.


Pedanandipadu “Pannula nirakarana" means non payment of taxes to the then colonial British Government, was famous in the history of Indian freedom struggle. It was started at a meeting at Pusuluru village near Pedanandipadu, organised by Sanaka Seetharamaiah and other village karanams and munsifs. It was extended to 80 villages in Guntur district under the able leadership of Parvathaneni Veeraiah popularly known as Andhra Shivaji. Riding on a horse, singing patriotic songs and encouraging the people not to cooperate with the foreign government. Even Rutherford who suppressed Manyam struggle led by Alluri Seetharamaraju, could not suppress Pedanandipadu freedom struggle. Gandhiji ill-advised by Pattabhi seetharamaiah instructed the district congress committee to call off the struggle. Konda Venkatappaiah and other leaders reluctantly obeyed Gandhiji and stopped the historical freedom struggle in Pedanandipadu. Pedanandipadu is the birthplace of famous freedom fighter Kolla Venkaiah. In 1934 he participated in the all India congress conference at Bombay as a delegate He organized the freedom struggle in and around this place.

Pedanandipadu village stood in the forefront in the fight against professing and practicing untouchability, since the period of independence struggle. People were praised for this by Gandhi when he visited this place. Sri Parvathaneni Veeraiah Choudary, Lavu Ankamma, Sanaka Seetharamaiah, Narra Rangaiah, Dasari Subbaiah, Kolla Venkaiah are some of the names of Freedom Fighters of the area.

Dis-illusioned with the congress policies, Kolla Venkaiah joined the communist movement along with Nanduri Prasada Rao, Pulupula Venkata Sivayya, Polepeddi Narasimha Murthy, Pendyala lokanadham, Makineni Basavapunnaiah, Moturi Hanumantha Rao, Shaik Mastan and others.

He worked as a leader of downtrodden and peasants. He was elected as the first chairman of the Agricultural marketing society in 1944 and as an MLA in 1952 and as an MP in 1962.

He is the founder of communist movement in this area and started organizing Agricultural labour unions(Vyavasaya Coolie Sangham), Rythu sangham and youth movement(Yuvajana Sangham).he integrated freedom struggle with downtrodden peoples' movement. untouchability was fought by the youth. Many reform movements were organized around Pedanandipadu.

Palaparru village near Pedanandipadu is a village of Heroes who fought against the atrocities of landlords and the British government. Memorial was erected for heroes like Prakasam, Ammaiah at Palaparru village.

Pedanandipadu village stood in the forefront in the formation of the communist party by Comrade Kolla Venkaiah. He was supported by a group of young selfless youth like kolla Bapaiah, kolla Veeraiah, Alla Raghavaiah,B Venkata Raju, Chennupati Venkata subbaiah, Bonigala Punnaiah, Satyanandam, Kotiratnam, Nannapaneni Chalamaiah, Lavu Ankamma Choudary, Nangineni Venkateswarlu, Tamalapakula Subbarao, Reduncle and many others. They organized many struggles for the upliftment of the down trodden. Romperu Banjaru Satyagraham was an historic example of the unity of workers and Peasants who fought for the sake of land to the poor.


The main occupation of the villagers is agriculture, a dry farming dependent upon the rains. The village grows commercial crops like cotton, tobacco, and chillies. Pedanandipadu is a commercial hub for trading of food, daily needs, fertilisers, pesticides and cloth. The villagers are enterprising and commenced the industries relevant to the local crops such as cotton. Cotton ginning, cotton lint pressing, cotton seed oil extraction, solvent extraction, paddy milling are major industrial activities in and around the village.

Pendanandipadu and surrounding villages were earlier used to be effected by a rivulet called Nallamada flowing near the village which used to create havoc during rainy season flooding the villages and damaging the crops. The rivulet was recently streamlined, expanded and bunded to avoid flooding of villages.

Villages in Pedanandipadu mandal[edit]

  • Palaparru
  • Annavaram
  • Rajupalem
  • Nagulapadu
  • Abbineniguntapalem
  • Annaparru
  • Gogulamudi
  • Girijavoluguntapalem
  • Katrapdu
  • Kopparru
  • Pamidivaripalem
  • Pusuluru
  • Ravipadu(seema)
  • Uppalapadu
  • Varagani


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Coordinates: 16°04′22″N 80°19′46″E / 16.07278°N 80.32944°E / 16.07278; 80.32944