Peder Claussøn Friis

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Peder Claussøn Friis

Peder Claussøn Friis (1 April 1545 - 15 October 1614) was a Norwegian clergyman and author.

Historian Frederik Winkel Horn said of him: "He rendered great services to the history of Norway by his translation of the old sagas of the kings. Like Vedel's his work is marked by its excellent style. This also applies to his other writings, as for instance his Norriges og omliggende Oers Beskrivelse— a description of Norway and adjacent islands—in which is found historical material of value. His language is remarkably pure and his style is even and artless."[1]


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  • [1] Digitized version of Norriges oc Omliggende Øers sandfærdige Besschriffuelse (1632)