Pediese, chief of the Ma

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For other uses, see Pediese (disambiguation).
High Priest of Ptah in Memphis
Louvre 032008 11.jpg
Pediese. Closeup of the stele of the Year 28
Predecessor Takelot B?
Successor Peftjauawybast
Dynasty 22nd Dynasty
Pharaoh Shoshenq III, Pami
Father Takelot B
Mother Tijesbastperu
Children Peftjauawybast, Takelot D

Pediese was a Chief of the Ma and a High Priest of Ptah under the Twenty-second Dynasty of Egypt, who was involved in the replacement of an Apis bull which had died in the Year 28 of Shoshenq III,[1] and again in the replacement of the subsequent Apis, in the Year 2 of Pami. Both the steles were found in the Serapeum of Saqqara and both are now in The Louvre.
His son Peftjauawybast succeeded him as High Priest of Ptah.[2]


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