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Peebles Railway
Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway
Hardengreen Junction
Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway
Esk Valley Railway
Rosewell and Hawthornden
Penicuik Railway
Rosslynlee Hospital Halt
Pomathorn Halt
Leadburn, Linton and Dolphinton Railway
Earlyvale Gate
Peebles (Old)
Peebles (New)
Peebles (West)
Symington, Biggar and Broughton Railway
Angling Club Cottage Platform
Edinburgh and Hawick Railway
Kilnknowe Junction
Selkirk and Galashiels Railway
Edinburgh and Hawick Railway

The Peebles Railway was Peebles Railway Company built single and twin track branch railway line in Midlothian, Scotland, that ran from Hardengreen Junction on the North British Railway line from Edinburgh to Carlisle near Eskbank to Kilnknowe Junction near Galashiels on the same line.


Intermediate stations were: Bonnyrigg, Rosewell and Hawthornden, Rosslynlee, Rosslynlee Hospital Halt, Pomathorn, Leadburn, Earlyvale Gate, Eddleston, Peebles (Peebles (Old) and Peebles (New)), Cardrona, Innerleithen, Walkerburn, Thornielee, and Clovenfords.[1] There was a private halt called Angling Club Cottage Platform for the members of the Edinburgh Angling Club between the last two stations.[2]



Authorised in by Parliament on 8 July 1853 with work starting on 9 August 1853 the line was built and opened in stages. The section from Hardengreen Junction to Peebles (Old) opening on 29 May 1855, the Peebles to Innerleithen section on 10 October 1864, and the remaining line by 18 June 1866. On 1 October 1864 the original Peebles (Old) station was closed becoming a goods depot to be replaced by a Peebles (New).

Ownership changes[edit]

The line was absorbed into the North British Railway on 13 July 1876 in accordance with the 1876 North British Railway (Additional Powers) Act, and North British Railway in turn became part of the London and North Eastern Railway on 1 January 1923 under 'grouping'. The line was later nationalised in 1948.


On 5 February 1962 the line south of Hawthornden Junction near Rosewell and Hawthornden was closed to traffic, and the track lifted. The remaining line stayed open to passengers until 10 September 1962, and for freight until 27 March 1967.

The route today[edit]

The section between Hardengreen Junction and Rosewell and Hawthornden continues as a cycleway.[3]


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