Peel Regional Paramedic Services

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Peel Region Paramedics Services
Established 2000
Headquarters Peel Region, Ontario
Jurisdiction Regional municipality
Employees 306 Full Time and 109 Part Time (as of January 9, 2011) Includes Contract and Replacement Workers
BLS or ALS Both ALS and BLS
Ambulances 70
Chief Peter Dundas, Director of Peel Regional Paramedic Services
Medical director Commissioner of Health Services Janette Smith
Responses 80,000 and increasing
Website Peel Regional Paramedic Services

Peel Region Paramedics Services (EMS) provides ambulatory and paramedic care for the municipalities within Peel Region, in Ontario, Canada. Paramedics operations are based in Mississauga.

At peak times, 43 ambulances are in service to care for approximately 1.1 million people and cover 1,225 square kilometres. In addition to the 43 frontline ambulances, Peel Regional Paramedic Services has 9 Supervisor First Response Vehicles, 2 Emergency Support Units and 2 Support Services Units. Bariatric Units, for obese patients, have also entered routine service in 2011.

Peel Paramedics are overseen by Sunnybrook Base Hospital [1] and Base Hospital Director Sheldon Cheskes. The Paramedics have routinely been involved in ground breaking patient care studies that have revolutionized Emergency Patient Care in the ROC - Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium. ROC is a clinical trial network focusing on research in the area of pre-hospital cardiopulmonary arrest and severe traumatic injury. [2]

Service Issues[edit]

Peel Paramedics routinely encounter off-load delays at area hospitals[according to whom?] due to the volume of patients transported, lengthy wait times at local Emergency Rooms and the aging population in the Region of Peel.[citation needed]


Peel Region EMS operates in the following geographical entities within Peel Region[citation needed]

List of EMS stations[edit]

City of Mississauga[edit]

  • Tomken Reporting Station - 6825 Tomken Road, Missisauga (Opening January 2012)
  • Clarkson - 1578 Finfar Court, Mississauga
  • Tedlo - 2355 Tedlo Street, Mississauga
  • Fewster1 - 1197B Fewster Drive, Mississauga
  • Fewster2 - 1165 Fewster Drive, Mississauga
  • Maingate (HQ) - 5299 Maingate Drive, Mississauga
  • Kennedy - 6660 Kennedy Road, Mississauga (Closed in 2012)
  • Kitimat - 6810 Kitimat Road, Mississauga
  • Malton - 1980 Boylen Road, Mississauga
  • 1355 Winding Trail, Mississauga
  • 7101 Goreway Drive, Mississauga

City of Brampton, Ontario[edit]

  • Bramalea - 52 Bramalea Road, Brampton
  • Hale - 75B Hale Road, Brampton
  • Heartlake - 91 Sandalwood Parkway East, Brampton
  • 40 Victoria Drive, Brampton

Town of Caledon[edit]

  • Valleywood - 2 Snelcrest Drive, Caledon
  • Bolton - 28 Ann Street
  • Caledon - 3611 Charleston Side Road

Future Stations (estimated by 2017)[edit]

  • 555 Queen Street West satellite station
  • 1600 Bovaird Drive reporting and administration station
  • 10797 The Gore Road satellite station
  • 2492 Thomas Street reporting Station


  • 70 Ambulances
    • Type III - Ford & GMC chassis (3XXX)
    • Type III Tactical
    • Chrysler minivan - Public Education and Outreach
    • Dodge Charger - Platoon Manager
    • Chevy Impala- Administration
    • Ford Expedition


  • Primary Care Paramedics
  • Advanced Care Paramedics
  • Tactical Paramedic Units
  • Rapid Response Units

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