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For other uses, see Peene (disambiguation) and Becque.
Peene Becque
Mouth Yser
50°54′5″N 2°28′43″E / 50.90139°N 2.47861°E / 50.90139; 2.47861 (Yser-Peene Becque)Coordinates: 50°54′5″N 2°28′43″E / 50.90139°N 2.47861°E / 50.90139; 2.47861 (Yser-Peene Becque)
Basin countries France
Length 24 km

The Peene Becque is a small river in Nord département in France. The word Peene may be related to the modern Dutch word Peen that refers to the wild carrot plant (Daucus carota), while becque is the transliteration of the Dutch word beek, referring to a small stream (cf. English word beck).

The Peene Becque has its source in Sainte-Marie-Cappel, flows in a north-eastern direction through Zuytpeene, Noordpeene, Ochtezeele, Arnèke, Ledringhem, Wormhout and Wylder where it ends its course by flowing into the Franco-Belgian river Yser.

The Peene becque constitutes a natural border between the villages of Arnèke and Ledringhem (to the south), between Ledringhem and Zermezeele and between Ledringhem and Wormhout.

Water quality[edit]

According to the organisation Schéma d’Aménagement et de Gestion des Eaux (SAGE) de l'Yser,[1] the water quality of the Peene Becque is poor, with domestic pollution having a greater impact than agricultural pollution, especially in summer when the water level is low.


The Peene Becque has even smaller tributaries, no more than large ditches, like the short one passing right in the centre of the village of Ledringhem, the Trommels Becque, looking like an open air sewage serving the La campagnarde neighborough, the Zermezeele Becque,[2] the Cray hill becque (4.4 km) crossing Arnèke or the Lyncke becque (6.7 km) crossing Zuytpeene.[3]

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The 1677 Battle of Cassel is also sometime referred as Battle of the Peene.


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