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PeerWeb is a site dedicated to indexing files on the Gnutella2 network. The site itself does not host the files, but collects and sorts special Magnet links, which contain a hash value to identify files being shared by other Gnutella2 users through clients such as Shareaza. By only offering these unique links, PeerWeb is able to offer games, music, software, movies, e-books and television series and still remain within the law of its home country. All Microsoft products however, are prohibited and can result in an account suspension if this rule is breached.


A feature of PeerWeb is the request options in the forums. When a user wants a file that is not yet released, the user can post a request hope that someone will release it.

Releases from PeerWeb are checked for integrity thanks to the dedicated team of releasers. One need not worry about downloading a file only to find out it is the wrong thing. is also one of the few P2P indexing sites that does not provide links to pornographic files. The number one rule for releases: Virus and malware free.[citation needed]


The site has over 100,000 members, of whom less than 2,000 are active on the forums, and has had its fair share of trouble, including a RAID partition corruption, resulting in the loss of over 30,000 member accounts and 3 months of posts.

PeerWeb has and enforces a number of forum rules, which can lead to users being suspended from posting or banned completely.

The forums are increasingly becoming the lifeblood of PeerWeb. The forums are not only a place to get files from the Gnutella2 network, but also a place to get computer support and discuss current events. Many of PeerWeb's regular posters are experienced in computer construction and programming. Thus, the support forums have become very important. The forums include the following areas: General, Community Support, Special Access, Gnutella2, Ares, Other.


The site was moved to another server in late 2005. One month later, PeerWeb was dealt a near-fatal blow when the RAID array where the database of the site was kept accidentally corrupted and could not be restored. Unfortunately, the last site backup dated October 2005, resulting in the loss of over 30,000 accounts, 3 months of forum posts, including Tutorials, Reviews & Discussions. The community has since recovered and is now over 100,000 members again.

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