Peklo milencov

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"Peklo milencov"
Song by Marika Gombitová from the album Zostaň
Released 1994
Format CD single
Recorded 1994
Genre Pop
Length 3:53
Label Jumbo (#0023 3331)
Music sample

"Peklo milencov" (English: Lovers' Hell) is a song by Marika Gombitová released on Jumbo Records in 1994.[1][2]

The composition wrote Gombitová in common with Kamil Peteraj, and was issued as B-side on single "Paradiso", also written by themselves. Both songs were released on the singer's last studio album to date Zostaň (1994).[3]

Official versions[edit]

  1. "Peklo milencov" - Studio version, 1994

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