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Pekmez (Üzüm Pekmezi), a Turkish syrup made of grapes (grape syrup) or (Keçiboynuzu Pekmezi) of carob

Pekmez (Turkish: pekmez, from Oghuz Turkic bekmes[1][2]) or dibs (Arabic) is a molasses-like syrup obtained after condensing juices of fruit must, especially grape, fig or mulberry, by boiling it with a coagulant agent. It is used as a syrup or mixed with tahini for breakfast.

Dibis is a similar product made from dates.[3] Another kind of pekmez made from carob is called keçiboynuzu pekmezi or harnup pekmezi.


Most of the grape products in Turkey are in the form of pekmez and raisins, particularly sultanas.

Pekmez is well known and made in the Balkans, though it is more jam-like in texture in some countries. In Greece, it is called πετιμέζι (petimézi).


Fruit molasses goes back to the classical period: see defrutum.[3]

Keçiboynuzu pekmezi is popularly recommended as a treatment for iron deficiency anemia in Turkey.

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