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Pelagie (Hoffner) Doane (April 11, 1906 – December 9, 1966)[1] was an American illustrator during the 1930s to the 1960s for children's books. She illustrated many volumes in the Judy Bolton series, as well as The Magic Makers series written by Margaret Sutton. Doane also illustrated volumes in the Melody Lane series by Lillian Garis, and many other books.

Pelagie Doane, illustrator
Pelagie Doane, illustrator
Pelagie and her sister Gabrielle

In addition to her illustrations, she has also written at least two books of her own.

Books Illustrated by Pelagie Doane[edit]

  • Books in the Judy Bolton series
  • Books in the Melody Lane series
  • frontispiece of Maida's Little House (1921)
  • frontispiece of Maida's Little Camp (1940)
  • Tell Me About Jesus
  • Tell Me About God
  • Singing with Peter and Patsy
  • Heidi's Children (1964)
  • Heidi (1958)
  • Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates (1961 version)
  • Mother Goose (1940 edition)
  • My First Dictionary -The Beginners Picture Word Book (1971)
  • Small Child's Bible, A
  • Trailer Trio (1942)
  • More Silver Pennies (1945)
  • Belinda Balloon and the Big Wind (1940)
  • Poems of Praise (1957)
  • A Child's Garden Of Verses (1942, reprinted 1945)
  • Gentlemen Aren't Sissies (1938)
  • Polly Peters (1942, reprinted 1946)
  • Something Different by Eva Knox Evans
  • The Book of Christmas Carols (1938)

Books written by Pelagie Doane[edit]

  • and There
  • Littlest Ones
  • Understanding Kim (1962)
  • One Rainy Night - Collins, London. No date. 1957 edition in USA.