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For other uses of Pele, see Pele (disambiguation).
Origin Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Genres Post rock, indie rock, jazz, experimental rock
Years active 1997–2004
Past members Jon Mueller
Chris Rosenau
Scott Schoenbeck
Scott Beschta
Jon Minor
Matt Tennessen

Pele was an instrumental post-rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The group formed in the summer of 1997 by guitarist Chris Rosenau, bassist Scott Schoenbeck and drummer Jon Mueller.[1] Ever-evolving in sound, the band was difficult to classify. Early in Pele's career, critics had dubbed the band post-rock. However, later many fans began to hear them as jazzy, with "nimble" guitars, "rolling" bass, and "skittering" drums "with angular fills and layered beats." These so-called jazz elements shone through untraditional "syncopated handclaps, voices, and various blips and bleeps."

After seven years, thirteen releases, and various national and international tours, Pele announced their winter 2004 tour would be their last.[2] The remaining members went on to various projects, most notably The Promise Ring and Paris, Texas, but also New Rising Sons, Volcano Choir, and Collections of Colonies of Bees.

Band members[edit]

  • Jon Mueller - drums, percussion
  • Chris Rosenau - guitar
  • Scott Schoenbeck - bass
  • Scott Beschta - keyboards
  • Jon Minor - sampler, guitar, tambourine
  • Matt Tennessen - bass

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