Pelechuco Municipality

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Pelechuco Municipality
Jach'a Waracha as seen from the west, Pelechuco Municipality
Jach'a Waracha as seen from the west, Pelechuco Municipality
Pelechuco Municipality is located in Bolivia
Pelechuco Municipality
Pelechuco Municipality
Location of the Pelechuco Municipality within Bolivia
Coordinates: 14°45′0″S 69°5′0″W / 14.75000°S 69.08333°W / -14.75000; -69.08333Coordinates: 14°45′0″S 69°5′0″W / 14.75000°S 69.08333°W / -14.75000; -69.08333
Country Flag of Bolivia.svg Bolivia
Department La Paz Department
Province Franz Tamayo Province
Seat Pelechuco
 • Mayor Daniel Cama Mamani (2007)
 • President Florencio Condori Mamani (2007)
 • Total 968 sq mi (2,507 km2)
Elevation 12,800 ft (3,900 m)
Population (2001)
 • Total 5,115

Pelechuco Municipality is the second municipal section of the Franz Tamayo Province in the La Paz Department, Bolivia. IN 2001 it had apopulation of 5,115. Its seat is Pelechuco.

The municipality is bordered to the north by Apolo Municipality, to the east by Apolo and Curva Municipalities, to the south by Curva and Charazani Municipalities and to the west by Peru.


Pelechuco Municipality is subdivided into the following four cantons:[1]

  • Antaquilla de Copacabana - 964 inhabitants (2001)
  • Pelechuco - 2,756 inhabitants
  • Suches - 227 inhabitants
  • Ulla Ulla - 1,168 inhabitants

Places of interest[edit]

Some of the tourist attractions of the municipalities are:[2]

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