Pelym River

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For the inhabited localities in Russia, see Pelym.

Pelym (Russian: Пелым) or Bolshoy Pelym (Russian: Большой Пелым) is a river in the far north of Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia. It is a tributary of the Tavda River, and is 707 km long, with a drainage basin of 15 200 km².

The Pelym has its sources on the eastern slopes of the northern Ural Mountains, and flows from there over wooded areas of the West Siberian Plain. The river is frozen over from October to April.

It is navigable on the lower 245 kilometers.

Coordinates: 61°22′45″N 60°35′45″E / 61.37917°N 60.59583°E / 61.37917; 60.59583