Pembroke Mall

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Pembroke Mall
Location Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
Coordinates 36°50′44″N 76°8′3.2″W / 36.84556°N 76.134222°W / 36.84556; -76.134222Coordinates: 36°50′44″N 76°8′3.2″W / 36.84556°N 76.134222°W / 36.84556; -76.134222
Address 4554 Virginia Beach Blvd
Opening date 1966
Management Pembroke Mall
No. of stores and services 100[1]
No. of anchor tenants 3[1]
Total retail floor area 623,479 square feet (57,923.1 m2)[1]
No. of floors 1

Pembroke Mall is an enclosed shopping mall located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States. Opened in March 1966 as the first shopping mall in the Hampton Roads metro area,[2][3][4] it comprises more than 100 stores, including anchor stores Target, Kohl's, Sears and Stein Mart.


The site of Pembroke Mall was originally occupied by farm land.[4] Construction began on the mall in March 1965. A year later, the mall's first twenty-one stores opened to the public.[4] Sears and Miller & Rhoads, respectively the western and eastern anchor stores, opened shortly afterward.[4] Besides these two anchor stores, the mall also featured a Woolworth dime store near the middle.

A 1981 expansion added local department store Rices Nachmans as a third anchor store.[5] Four years later, Allentown, Pennsylvania-based Hess's acquired the Rices Nachmans chain and re-branded all stores as Hess's.

Miller & Rhoads closed its location at Pembroke Mall in 1990, and within a year, the former Miller & Rhoads space was replaced with Uptons, a chain based in Atlanta, Georgia. Hess's sold its Hampton Roads area stores to Proffitt's in 1993 and subsequently, Proffitt's sold all of its area stores to Dillard's in 1998.[6] Stein Mart was also added as an anchor next to Uptons in the mid-1990s.

By the mid-1990s, Pembroke Mall started to lose tenants, primarily to newer and larger malls in the area, including Lynnhaven Mall and Military Circle Mall (now The Gallery at Military Circle).[4] In 1997, the entire Woolworth chain was shuttered, leaving a large vacancy in the mall, and two years later, Uptons closed as well, followed by Dillard's in 2002.[7]


In 2003, the mall's management embarked on a mall-wide redevelopment. New floor tiles were laid throughout the entire concourse, and several restaurants opened on the periphery. Kohl's, a department store chain based in Wisconsin, opened its first Hampton Roads location in the former Uptons space that year.[8] Other additions included a food court in the mall's southern wing, as well as several national chain tenants, such as Pacific Sunwear and Hot Topic.[9] Freight Liquidators, a local furniture store, also briefly operated in the former Dillard's space. In 2006, most of the mall's northern wing (including the former Dillard's) was demolished.[2][3] The movie theater closed in 2011, and it was torn down for a Target store which also took up the space of the former Dillard's.[10] The food court annex was torn down in 2012.[11] In 2013, the former food court became Old Navy, and an Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse was added.[12]


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