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Penal code of Korea is composed with two parts, a general regulation and each crime. In general regulations, there are four parts, 1. Application scope of Criminal law, 2. Crime, 3. Punishment, 4. Duration. In the part of each crime, it defines 42 crimes.

Each Crimes in Penal code of Korea[edit]

  1. conspiracy of a rebellion
  2. conspiracy of the foreign troubles
  3. crime about the national flag
  4. crime about diplomatic relations
  5. infringement of public peace
  6. crime about explosive materials
  7. crime about a duty of Public Officials
  8. interference with a government official in the exercise on his duty
  9. a fugitive and a concealment of the criminal
  10. the perjury and the destruction of evidence
  11. the calumny (the false charge)
  12. spoil a dead body and a burial ground
  13. the incendiarism and an accidental fire
  14. crime about irrigation and water control
  15. infringement of the traffic
  16. crime about drinking water (poisoning into water)
  17. crime about illegal drugs
  18. crime about currency (a counterfeit)
  19. crime about a check, a bond, a stock (forgery)
  20. forgery of a document (public and private)
  21. the forgery of a seal
  22. crime about adultery
Penal code of Korea still have the provisions of adultery.
It is now controversial whether it is not against the constitutional law
  1. crime about a lottery ticket
  2. murder
Penal code of Korea, There is an increasing punishment of murder of parents.
It may be effected by Confucianism.
  1. the injury and the violence
  2. an accidental homicide and injury
  3. the abortion
  4. abandon and maltreatment to person
  5. illegal imprisonment and confinement
  6. the duress
  7. the abduction (kidnapping)
  8. the rape and committing obscene acts
  9. the defamation of character (slander)
  10. the spread of falsehood
  11. the leakage of classified information
  12. unlawful entry
  13. the interruption of other persons' legal rights
  14. the theft and the burglary
  15. the fraud and the menace
  16. the breach of trust and the embezzlement
  17. crime of dealing in stolen goods
  18. destruction of other's property

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