Penetration Angst

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Penetration Angst
Directed by Wolfgang Büld
Written by Wolfgang Büld
Starring Fiona Horsey
Distributed by Dark Black Films
Release dates
  • 20 July 2003 (2003-07-20)
Running time
102 minutes
Language English

Penetration Angst is a 2003 UK horror film, written, produced and directed by Wolfgang Büld and starring Fiona Horsey. The film was later released in the United States, on DVD, as Angst.

Plot summary[edit]

A shy and sexually frustrated young woman named Helen has trouble when her private parts begin to devour her lovers. Driven to madness by her condition, Helen decides to become a prostitute and murder her clients to satisfy her bloodlust. It was filmed on the Isle of Wight.[citation needed]


Paul Conway Dennis
Fiona Horsey Helen
Philip Hayden Jack
Jonnie Hurn Stepfather
James Crichton Gynaecologist
Fiona Smith Little Helen
Nicolas Hall Young Man
Dirk Kühsel Punter
Joanna Ogden Portia
Beth Steel Sonia
Amy Steel Silvia
Drew Edwards Mark
Anna Leigh-Rose Jacey
Cheryl Goodman Barmaid
Lee Sullivan Man in Pub

Producer Nick P. Coe has a cameo as a man in the theater during the date between Dennis and the twins.

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