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The Penganga River (Marathi: पैनगंगा Telugu: పెన్ గంగ) is the chief river of the Yavatmal district, Chandrapur and Washim district in the Maharashtra state in India and flows along the south east boundaries of the district in a winding, meandering course. It is deeply entrenched and not able to be navigated. It rises in the Ajantha range and is a major tributary of the Wardha River, the other major river in the district.

River course[edit]

The Penganga or Painganaga river originates in the Ajantha ranges in Aurangabad district in Maharashtra. It then flows through Buldhana and Washim districts. It flows trough Risod Tehsil of Washim where it gets Kas river as the tributery near Shelgaon Rajgure village and then flows through the border of Washim and Hingoli districts. Then it acts as a boundary between Yavatmal, Chandrapur and Nanded Nanded districts of Maharashtra. It then flows along the state border between Maharashtra and Telangana . The small Vidarbha river merged with Painganga river at village Deurwada Ta.wani Dist.yavatamal &Kodsi in Korpana tehsil in Chandrapur district. There is an old and live Lord Shiva temple at jugad ta.wani the river alliance as an island. Every year at Gurupornima in the Nov month devotees from other places comes for worship. Before converging into Wardha river near a small village called Wadha in chandrapur Tehsil of chandrapur district. The river would flooded in rainy and winter season and partially flooded in summer.The total length of the river is 676 km.

There is process of making a huge dam on the Painganga river.


Adan River, Kas river, Arunavati river, Kayadhu river, Pus river, etc.


The river provides the irrigation to the Washim and Yavatmal districts in Maharashtra. There are two dams being constructed on the river, namely Upper Painganga and Lower Painganga. Also this dam is known as 'Isapur Dam'. This dam is administered by the 'Pusad' taluka. Nearby talukas are Kalamnuri, Pusad, Umarkhed and Hadgaon.[1]


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