Penly Nuclear Power Plant

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Penly Nuclear Power Plant
Penly nuclear power plant and villages around - aerial view.JPG
Penly Nuclear Power Plant is located in France
Penly Nuclear Power Plant
Location of Penly Nuclear Power Plant in France
Official name Centrale Nucléaire de Penly
Country France
Location Dieppe, Seine-Maritime
Coordinates 49°58′36″N 01°12′43″E / 49.97667°N 1.21194°E / 49.97667; 1.21194Coordinates: 49°58′36″N 01°12′43″E / 49.97667°N 1.21194°E / 49.97667; 1.21194
Status Operational
Construction began 1982
Commission date 4 May 1990 (1990-05-04)
Operator(s) EDF
Nuclear power station
Reactor type PWR
Reactor supplier Framatome
Power generation
Units operational 2 x 1,382 MW
Make and model Alstom
Units planned 1 x 1,650 MW
Nameplate capacity 2,764 MW
Annual generation 19,418 GW·h
Site c/o Betreibers

The Penly Nuclear power station (French: Centrale nucléaire de Penly) is found some 6 miles (9.7 km) northeast of Dieppe. It lies on the border of two French municipalities: Penly and Saint-Martin-en-Campagne in the département of Seine-Maritime, Normandy, on the English Channel coast. It employs France's only working funicular railway in industrial use.


The plant employs about 670 people full-time and is owned and operated by the French company Électricité de France (EDF). Water from the English Channel is used for cooling.

The two PWR units are of the 1330 MWe class. The installed total output is 2764 MW, which means the plant is about average for French nuclear plants. It feeds on average about 18 billion kilowatt-hours per year into the public grid, corresponding to about 80% of the current annual consumption of Normandy. It is about ten kilometres from Dieppe.

Proposed third reactor[edit]

In January 2009, the French government announced that a third reactor, the second French EPR reactor, would be built in Penly. Construction was announced for 2012 with connection to the grid following in 2017. GDF Suez was to own a part of the plant, with the majority taken by EdF.[1] However in 2010 GDF Suez withdrew from the project.[2] In 2011, following the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, EdF postponed public consultations putting in doubt the 2012 construction start date.[3] In 2013, it confirmed there was no start plan for Penly, saying that current demand did not warrant it.[4]

Accidents and incidents[edit]

9 June 2004 - Weakly radioactive water was leaked into the sea from the reserve tank of a reactor's secondary circuit.[5]

11 October 2011 - A subcontractor employee had localised contamination on his face.[6]

5 April 2012 - 10 Fire engines attended a small fire within a reactor building. The operating company later reported two small oil fires inside the reactor building from a leaking oil pipe were extinguished with nobody hurt and no environmental impact. The detection of smoke caused the reactor to be automatically shut down.[7][8]

6 April 2012 - As a consequence of the incident of 5 April 2012 a joint had leaked radioactive water into collection tanks inside the reactor building.[9] The incident was classified as 1 out of 7 (lowest) on the International Nuclear Event Scale.[10]


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