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The radio mast, Penmynydd

Penmynydd, meaning top of the mountain in Welsh, is a village on Anglesey island, off the north west coast of Wales, situated on a slight hill on the B5420 road between Menai Bridge and Llangefni,[1] at grid reference SH510743. The Royal Mail postcode begins LL61. When Welsh nobleman Rhys ap Tudur was executed in 1412, lands of the Penmynydd family were forfeited.[2] The village includes the Neuadd Lwyd, a former Victorian rectory that was converted into a country-house hotel.[3] The village is notable for its almshouses. A radio communication transmission mast was installed in 2002 a few yards north of the village at the top of the hill.[4]

The Tudor Family[edit]

Penmynydd was the home of the Tudors of Penmynydd and claims the birthplace of the founding of the Tudor Dynasty.[1] In the 14th century, a resident of Penmynydd, Tudur ap Goronwy, had five sons, one of whom was called Maredudd (the father of Owen Tudor - an Anglicisation of his Welsh name Owain ap Maredudd ap Tudur) who joined Henry V's army and subsequently established himself at court. After Henry V died, his widow married Owen Tudor in secret around 1429 and had three sons. Their grandson, Henry Tudor, subsequently claimed the crown of England through this rather tenuous relationship.


St. Credifael's Church, Penmynydd
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