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Founded 1910
Founder Patrick Boyle
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Tulsa, Oklahoma
Publication types Magazines, newsletters, books, maps, directories, databases
Official website

PennWell Corporation is a family-owned, diversified business-to-business publisher founded in 1910 and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

PennWell publishes 45 business-to-business magazines and newsletters, conducts over 60 conferences and exhibitions on six continents, and has an extensive offering of books, maps, directories and database services.[1] In 2011 it acquired a data mapping company and also expanded its publications in the technology field.[2]


The company, originally called the Petroleum Publishing Company and owned by Pennsylvanian Patrick Boyle, began in 1910 with the acquisition of a magazine based in Beaumont, Texas, called Oil Investors Journal; Boyle moved the publication to Tulsa and renamed it Oil & Gas Journal.[3][4] Boyle died in 1920, and was succeeded first by his son-in-law Frank T. Lauinger, and then, in 1932, by his grandson P.C. Lauinger, who led the Journal to increasing financial success, established a number of other petroleum-oriented publications, and acquired publications in the dental care field.[5] P.C. Lauinger remained in control of the company until his death in 1988; the company is now led by his son-in-law, Robert Biolchini.[3]


REW 40 Index[edit]

REW 40 is an index published by Renewable Energy World.[23]


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