Penni Russon

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Penni Russon
Born 1974 (age 40–41)
Tasmania, Australia
Nationality Australian
Genre Children's literature, young-adult fiction

Penni Russon is an Australian writer of children's literature and young-adult fiction.


Russon was born in 1974 in Tasmania, Australia.[1] Russon has studied children's literature at Monash University and professional writing and editing at RMIT University. She is a freelance editor and originally wrote poems.[2] In 2004 her first novel was published by Random House, entitled Undine.[3] Undine was a finalist in the 2004 Aurealis Award for best young-adult novel but lost to Scott Westerfeld's The Secret Hour.[4] In 2005 she released the sequel to Undine, entitled Breathe which was published by Random House and in 2007 she concluded the Undine trilogy with Drift.[5][6] Breathe received a note of high commendation at the 2005 Aurealis Awards.[7] Russon has written two novels in the Girlfriend Fiction series and in 2007 she released Josie and the Michael Street Kids which was a finalist for the 2009 Children's Peace Literature Award.[8][9][10] She currently lives in Melbourne with her husband and two children.[2]


Undine trilogy

  • Undine (2004)
  • Breathe (2005)
  • Drift (2007)

Other novels

  • Josie and the Michael Street Kids (2007, part of the Aussie Chomps series)
  • Indigo Girls (2008, book 2 in the Girlfriend Fiction series)
  • Little Bird (2009, book 13 in the Girlfriend Fiction series)
  • Dear Swoosie (2010, with Kate Constable, book 17 in the Girlfriend Fiction series)


Aurealis Awards

Children's Peace Literature Award

  • 2009: Nomination: Josie and the Michael Street Kids


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