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Coordinates: 53°39.01′N 1°47.111′W / 53.65017°N 1.785183°W / 53.65017; -1.785183

Pennine Radio Limited is a UK manufacturer of electronic equipment, transformers and inductors, ride on electric golf carts, sheet metalwork and computer equipment.
Founded in 1958[1] the company (as the name suggests) started off producing consumer electronics like radio receivers and adapters to enable the new band III ITV television broadcasts. However they soon expanded into industrial electronics. In the early days they produced many innovative designs for the woollen industry which surrounded Huddersfield.


PRL headquarters, in Huddersfield

Pennine Radio's Headquarters are in a Victorian grade 2 listed building on Fitzwilliam Street Huddersfield. The building was believed to have originally been a cloth warehouse. It was used during World War II for storage by Imperial Chemical Industries who had a dye manufacturing plant in the town.

Next door, (to the right in the photograph) is the building that up until recently was the Fitzwilliam Masonic Hall.[2] It has now been redeveloped as office space.

Across the street was the railway goods yard (Now a car park). In the old goods yard is a large brick building which was the locomotive workshop. Being very short of flat land, the engineers of old equipped the workshop with a hydraulic lift capable of lifting a locomotive to the upper floor.


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