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PA Route 145 marker

PA Route 145
Route information
Maintained by PennDOT
Length: 20.46 mi[1] (32.93 km)
Existed: 1928 – present
Major junctions
South end: I-78 / PA 309 in Upper Saucon Township
  PA 222 in Allentown
US 22 in Whitehall Township
PA 329 in Whitehall Township
North end: PA 248 in Weiders Crossing
Counties: Lehigh, Northampton
Highway system
PA 144 PA 146

Pennsylvania Route 145 (PA 145) is a 20.46 mi (32.93 km) long north–south state highway in the Lehigh Valley area of eastern Pennsylvania. It connects Interstate 78 (I-78) and PA 309 in Lanark to PA 248 in Weiders Crossing.

PA 145 is the main arterial into Allentown, Pennsylvania, the third-largest city in the state.[2] It is unofficially known as "the gateway to Allentown."[3] In Whitehall Township, a seven-mile (11.2 km) portion of PA 145 is known as MacArthur Road, named in honor of Gen. Douglas MacArthur.[4] MacArthur Road is almost entirely divided; between U.S. Route 22 (US 22) and Eberhart Road, it is six-lanes wide with jughandles. In Whitehall Township, MacArthur Road is the location of the main commercial center of the Lehigh Valley. The Lehigh Valley Mall, a large Allentown-area shopping mall, is situated on Route 145.[5]

Route description[edit]

Lehigh County[edit]

South Mountain[edit]

PA 145 begins at an interchange with I-78 at exit 60 and PA 309 in Upper Saucon Township, located 4 miles (6.4 km) southeast of downtown Allentown. This interchange is not only the southern terminus of PA 145, but also the eastern terminus of the I-78/PA 309 concurrency. Just north of I-78, PA 145 is known as South Pike Avenue and meets Vera Cruz Road and Oakhurst Drive at an at-grade intersection.[6][7]

Diagram of the interchange at PA 145's southern terminus

The route continues to the north as it runs up a hill on South Mountain with S-curves. Upon entering the village of Summit Lawn at the peak of South Mountain, PA 145 intersects Rock Road, providing access to westbound I-78 and northbound PA 309. PA 145 then begins to go down another hill on South Mountain.[6][7]


Going down a steep hill, PA 145 enters the city of Allentown as South 4th Street. At the end of the hill, PA 145 intersects Emaus Avenue, a major road that connects Bethlehem, Allentown, and Emmaus. Past Emaus Avenue, PA 145 continues through the Allentown neighborhood of Mountainville, passing east of a shopping center. Exiting Mountainville, PA 145 turns west onto Susquehanna Street and crosses both Trout Creek and the Norfolk Southern Railway before making a wide curve to the north and becoming South 5th St.[6][7]

Just after becoming South 5th Street, PA 145 divides into a pair of one-way streets, known as a one-way couplet. Southbound PA 145 follows South 6th Street, which then turns to the east onto Wyoming Street and reunites with the other half at South 5th Street. Northbound PA 145 is known as South 5th Street; it passes Good Shepherd Hospital, turns west onto Auburn Street, and reunites with southbound PA 145 at a junction with South 6th Street and Lehigh Street. North of the split, PA 145 becomes Lehigh Street, crosses Little Lehigh Creek, and intersects Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive. Slightly north of the M.L.K. Drive intersection, PA 145 progresses on its alignment up a long hill.[6][7]

At the top of the hill, PA 145 divides again, as northbound PA 145 turns east onto Union Street while southbound PA 145 comes from the west, also as Union Street. Just after becoming Union Street, northbound PA 145 turns back northward to become 6th Street. While southbound PA 145 is known as 7th Street, it passes through the commercial district of Allentown and is a major one-way three-lane street. At the intersection of 7th and Hamilton Streets, there is a monument called the Sailors and Soldiers Monument in Center City, Allentown. Meanwhile, PA 145 continues its alignment as 6th Street and intersects the northern terminus of PA 222 (which is split into Walnut and Linden Streets) to the east of the PPL Center sports arena.[6][7]

PA 145 at 7th Street at the Sailors and Soldiers Monument in Allentown

In the northern region of Allentown, PA 145 (as 7th and 6th Streets) intersects Tilghman Street, one of the major streets in Allentown. After crossing Tilghman Street, northbound PA 145 turns west onto Washington Street and then north onto 7th Street to reunite with southbound PA 145. North of Washington Street, PA 145 continues its course as 7th Street, consisting of three lanes. Then, PA 145 crosses a tall bridge over Sumner Avenue, leaves Allentown, and becomes MacArthur Road.[6][7]

MacArthur Road[edit]

MacArthur Road heading south at the Lehigh Valley Mall entrance

After crossing the bridge, PA 145 enters Whitehall Township and becomes a divided highway known as MacArthur Road, consisting of four lanes. This section of PA 145, previously known as Seventh Street Pike, or the Seventh Street Extension, was renamed in honor of Gen. Douglas MacArthur by township supervisors in 1942.[4] In Whitehall, PA 145 passes several intersections, including Mickley Road, Jordan Parkway, and, after crossing Jordan Creek, Fairmont Avenue. Just north of Fairmont Avenue, PA 145 intersects US 22 (Lehigh Valley Thruway) at a full cloverleaf interchange. North of this point, PA 145 has been widened to six lanes.[6][7]

Just north of US 22, PA 145 traverses the main commercial center of the Lehigh Valley, passing to the west of Lehigh Valley Mall. The first junction is Grape Street, with two jughandles to access it from both directions. PA 145 continues past numerous stores and businesses, passing to the west of Whitehall Mall and making a second junction with Mickley Road before crossing Schadt Avenue. At the intersection with Eberhart Road, PA 145 is no longer a divided, six-lane road, but rather an undivided four-lane road. About a mile north of Eberhart Road, PA 145 becomes a divided highway again, but with only four lanes.[6][7]

About a mile west of Northampton, PA 145 meets PA 329. North of there, PA 145 continues its course as MacArthur Road. MacArthur Road comes to an end as PA 145 continues its alignment as a two lane road; at this point, the Lehigh River is almost visible and is only about 280 feet (85.3  meters) east of PA 145. After passing through the village of Laurys Station, PA 145 curves to the west and leaves Lehigh County while crossing the Lehigh River on the Treichlers Bridge.[6][7]

Northampton County[edit]

After PA 145 crosses the bridge over the Lehigh River, the highway enters Northampton County and intersects Blue Mountain Drive, which has direct access to the Blue Mountain Ski Area. PA 145 curves to the south as Riverview Drive, later diverging to the west and back to the north, parallel to the Lehigh River. PA 145 enters Walnutport from the south as Riverview Drive which becomes Best Avenue upon entering the borough. At the center of Walnutport, PA 145 meets Main Street. In Lehigh Township, PA 145 becomes Riverview Drive once again as it terminates at an intersection with PA 248 located in Weiders Crossing. The northern terminus of PA 873 is also on PA 248, just north of PA 145.[6][8]


PA 145 was commissioned as an east–west route from Weiders Crossing to Bath, with both termini at PA 45. At the time, from Whitehall Township hamlet of Cementon to Bath, PA 145 was routed on what is today PA 329. From Cementon to Tilghman Street in Allentown, PA 329 was signed as the modern MacArthur Road section of PA 145.[9][10]

By 1940, PA 145 was a north–south route, replacing the previous PA 329 designation. From Tilghman Street to Lehigh Street, US 309 and PA 29 were designated along 7th Street and the northernmost part of Lehigh Street, sections of the modern PA 145. Prior to the 1960s, US 309 was designated onto the southernmost segment of present-day PA 145, from downtown Allentown to Summit Lawn.[11]

By 1960, the southern terminus of PA 145 was slightly moved north to an interchange with I-78 and US 22 in Whitehall Township.[12]

In 1984, PennDOT proposed to extend PA 145 to I-78 and PA 309 in Lanark. Traffic engineer Samuel D. Darrohh said that Allentown is one of few Pennsylvania cities without a traffic route going through it. He supported his idea by saying that motorists also might be aided if US 222 eventually is extended along Hamilton Boulevard to connect with the proposed PA 145 corridor. By 1991, the extension was completed.[13][14][15]

Major intersections[edit]

County Location Mile[16] km Destinations Notes
Lehigh Upper Saucon Township 0.00 0.00 I-78 / PA 309 – Harrisburg, Tamaqua, Bethlehem, Quakertown Access to PA 309 south and I-78 east.[17]
Allentown 4.15 6.68 PA 222 north (Walnut Street) Northern terminus of PA 222
4.36 7.02 PA 222 south (Linden Street) – Reading
Whitehall Township 6.15 9.90 US 22 (Lehigh Valley Thruway) – Harrisburg, Bethlehem Cloverleaf interchange
12.71 20.45 PA 329 (Main Street) – Egypt, Northampton
Northampton Lehigh Township 22.46 36.15 PA 248 (Lehigh Drive) – Palmerton, Lehighton, Easton
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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