Pennsylvania gubernatorial election, 1790

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Pennsylvania gubernatorial election, 1790
November 2, 1790 (1790-11-02)
→ 1793

  Thomas Mifflin.jpg ArthurStClairOfficialPortrait-restored.jpg
Candidate Thomas Mifflin Arthur St. Clair
Party Democratic-Republican Federalist
Popular vote 27,974 2,864
Percentage 90.7% 9.3%

Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Election Results by County, 1790.svg

County results

Governor before election

Thomas Mifflin (as President of Pennsylvania)

Elected Governor

Thomas Mifflin

The Pennsylvania gubernatorial election of 1790 was the first gubernatorial election after the establishment of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a U.S. state. Thomas Mifflin was elected as the first Governor of Pennsylvania, defeating Federalist candidate Arthur St. Clair by a wide margin.


Pennsylvania gubernatorial election, 1790[1][2]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic-Republican Thomas Mifflin 27,974 90.71%
Federalist Arthur St. Clair 2,863 9.29%
Independent Charles Thomson 2 0.00%
Totals 30,840 100.00%


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