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Penshurst Park Cricket Ground
Location Penshurst Place, Penshurst, near Tonbridge, Kent
Home club Edwin Stead's XI
Penshurst Park CC
County club Kent (pre-county club)
Establishment by 1724

Penshurst Park Cricket Ground aka the Earl of Leicester's Park at Penshurst, Kent is one of the oldest cricket venues in England. Part of the Penshurst Place estate, it is first recorded re a match in 1724.

18th-century cricket[edit]

Penshurst Park is known to have been the venue for four major cricket matches played from 1724 to 1729. It is first recorded in 1724 for a match involving a combined Penshurst, Tonbridge and Wadhurst team against Dartford.[1] and then in the 1728 English cricket season when it was used for two matches involving teams organised by Edwin Stead and Charles Lennox, 2nd Duke of Richmond. In 1729, Kent patron Edwin Stead used it as his home venue for matches against Sussex teams organised by Charles Lennox, 2nd Duke of Richmond and Sir William Gage.[2]

Minor cricket[edit]

CricketArchive has recorded a number of matches played by a Penshurst club in the mid-19th century and one played by the modern Penshurst Park club against a visiting Toronto team.[3]


The ground is now the home venue of Penshurst Park Cricket Club.[4]


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