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General information
Type insulated concrete form
Architectural style Châteauesque
Location 2700 Woods Fork Road, Highlandville, Missouri
Coordinates 36°52′47″N 93°12′45″W / 36.879722°N 93.2125°W / 36.879722; -93.2125Coordinates: 36°52′47″N 93°12′45″W / 36.879722°N 93.2125°W / 36.879722; -93.2125
Construction started 2008–2013
Governing body Private
Technical details
Floor area 72,215 square feet (6,709.0 m2)[1]

Pensmore is a mansion under construction in the Ozark Mountains of Highlandville, Missouri. When completed, the home will be the private residence of Steven T. Huff and his family. It will be one of the largest private single-family residences in the United States. Huff is the chairman of TF Concrete Forming Systems, which is doing the concrete construction work for the home. Huff at one time worked in Army intelligence and was a CIA officer.[2] Huff later founded Sensor Systems in 1993 and served as its CEO. The company, later known as Overwatch Systems, created leading commercial software products for medical, defense and intelligence applications.[3][4]


Steven T. Huff Family LLC applied for a construction permit in 2008 to begin construction of the mansion. The home is unique, as it is an insulated concrete form structure that is designed to showcase sustainable construction techniques on a large scale. The home is designed to be earthquake resistant, bullet proof, blast proof, tornado resistant, bug resistant, and fire resistant. The home is capable of withstanding an EF5 tornado.[5]

The home will approach net zero on heating and cooling. Pensmore will utilize thermal heat collectors, a geothermal ground source heat exchanger, radiant heating and cooling, advanced climate control software, rainwater collection, and helix steel fibers.[6]

Huff chose the location in Missouri because the state offers a climate that has both warm and cold temperatures, which allows for better testing of the green technologies in the home. Additionally, the rural location in Highlandville was known for lack of construction regulation. The project is not subject to building regulations or building inspections, which would have complicated construction efforts.[7]

Conspiracy theory[edit]

Pensmore is well known to many conspiracy theorists. According to the Travel Channel series, America Declassified, Pensmore is at the center of an Illuminati plot in which they will use Pensmore as a new American White House from which they will rule North America.


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