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Penta Water
Type Bottled water
Manufacturer Penta Water Company, Inc.
Country of origin United States
Introduced 1999
Color Clear
Flavor None

Penta Water (sometimes called AquaRx Water) is a brand of bottled water that claims to be structurally different from 'normal' water, and advertised as "ultra-purified" water. The company was founded in 1999 in San Diego, California.[1] Penta's name derives from its association with supposed five-molecule clusters of water.

Bio Hydration Research Labs claims that their 'Penta process' of subjecting water to high energy sound waves, creating sonoluminescence, reduces the average size of the 'water clusters' present in liquid water.[2][3] Penta Water is controversial because of the many false claims they have made regarding their product.[4] 'Water clusters' do not exist, and the idea that the hydrogen-bonded structure of liquid water can be permanently altered via physical agitation defies basic principles of molecular chemistry.[citation needed]


Advertising in the UK: The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) upheld complaints from 2 March 2005 against claims made by Penta Water in a leaflet that:

  1. the leaflet misleadingly implied the product had health benefits over and above those of ordinary water, and
  2. the claims "restructured" and "it might be just H2O, but it's no ordinary water" were misleading, because they believed that water could not be restructured.

Quoting from the ASA website:

"The advertisers asserted that Penta was a new form of water that was restructured. They submitted research papers that they believed showed scientific evidence of restructuring and several works in preparation, including studies from UK universities, that they believed showed increased performance and recovery levels after exercise with Penta when compared with ordinary water. The advertisers argued that, because Penta could hydrate more efficiently than tap water, it was better for health; they said they had not, however, made any medicinal claims for the product. They said their local Trading Standards department had checked all their literature; they also sent a revised copy of their advertisement that they believed complied with the CAP Code.

The Authority considered that readers would be likely to interpret the claims made in the original leaflet and the revised leaflet to mean the molecular structure of water had been altered in the advertised product for improved hydration and physical performance. The Authority took expert advice and understood that the scientific evidence submitted did not prove that Penta had health benefits over and above those of ordinary water or had been restructured to form stable smaller clusters. It also understood that hydrogen-bonds in ordinary water were a weak type of chemical bonding that allowed the formation and reformation of temporary clusters of water molecules in liquid phase water many times per second. The Authority concluded that the information submitted was not sufficient to prove Penta water had health benefits over and above those of ordinary water or was structured differently from ordinary water. The Authority told the advertisers not to repeat claims that implied the product was chemically unique, had been restructured or molecularly redesigned, or hydrated cells and improved physical performance better than tap water. "[5]

Unsubstantiated[4] claims made by Penta[edit]

  • Penta Water contains water clusters of fewer molecules than normal water.[6]
  • Penta Water has a 30% reduction in cluster size. *
  • Penta Water enters cells 14% faster than normal water. *
  • Cells cultured in Penta Water survive 266% longer than in normal water.[6]
  • Cells cultured in Penta Water have a 3× decrease in acidity compared to cells cultured in distilled water.
  • Athletic performance measurably improves after consumption of Penta Water.[6]
  • Penta Water has a higher boiling point than normal water and this is not due to dissolved impurities. *
  • Penta is easier to drink than normal water.[6]
  • Penta aids in weight loss. *
  • Penta is the purest bottled water on the market.[7]
  • In vitro, Penta dissolves kidney stones faster than lab water.[7]
  • DNA mutation is 271% greater in distilled water than in Penta Water.*
  • Penta is 16.7× faster water. *
  • "..healthier skin, hair, and joints; stronger immune system; faster recovery from surgery or physical activity; and reduced hypertension and cholesterol." Bill Holloway, Penta CEO.[8]
  • Increased energy and mental alertness.[8]
  • Helps houseplants grow. *
  • Penta has helped clear up skin problems. *
  • Protein crystals grown in Penta have a different structure.[9]
  • Featured testimonial on Penta website claims Penta can help with fibromyalgia, lupus, arthritis, or chronic fatigue syndrome.[10]
  • Featured testimonial on Penta website claims Penta can help with diabetes.[11]
  • Penta acts like an energy drink. *
  • It has helped to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy treatment for cancer. *
  • Adding Penta to Pap smear test samples increases the accuracy of cervical cancer screenings.[12]
  • Scavenges free radicals.[13]
  • Enhances absorption of moisturiser cream onto skin. *


In the past, the official Penta website made specific claims on its What makes Penta unique? page, section heading Proven More Effective Hydration, that the altered structure speeded cell hydration via aquaporin transport. For instance, the page for Jun 04, 2003 [3] features a diagram showing stylised pentamers entering a cell and states

"Penta's small clusters of H2O molecules have been proven by scientists at major universities to be able to more effectively hydrate cells, which is why so many people report that Penta helps them feel great!"
"Cells have two ways of hydrating. First, cells become hydrated when water molecules pass through a tiny channel called aquaporin protein channels. These channels only allow one molecule to pass at a time, therefore, as far as we know, the cluster size doesn't have any direct correlation to improved hydration."[7]

Associated organizations[edit]

  • United Packaging Group (UPG) manufactures Penta water. Penta is located in Colton in San Bernardino County, California. The CEO is Bill Holloway. G. R. Holloway, the wife of Bill Holloway, is the President and co-founder. Their son, Michael Holloway, is also a co-founder and sits on the board of directors. Others on the board include Dr Nikolai I. Tankovich and David Cheatham.[14]
  • AquaPhotonics is a biotechnology company in Carlsbad, California, that makes extensive use of Penta in their products and appears to be a sister company to Bio Hydration Research Labs. Dr Nikolai I. Tankovich is the CEO and David Cheatham is the president. Bill Holloway, G. R. Holloway and Tommy Thompson (who was the Secretary for Health and Human Services for President George W. Bush) sit on the board of directors.
  • Diamics is a company dealing in medical diagnostics technology that has distribution rights for AquaRX (or Penta) water in diagnostic markets, claiming that its properties give cell samples "longer shelf life, better maintenance of cellular structure and improved performance in molecular assays".[15]

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