Pentecostalism in Norway

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Pentecostalism in Norway
Filadelfia in St. Olavs street, Oslo.
Classification Pentecostalism
Region Norway
Origin 1907
Members 39,590
Thomas Ball Barratt brought pentecostalism to Norway.
The church Filadelfia in Bodø.

Pentecostal congregations in Norway (Norwegian:Pinsemenigheiter, Pinsevenner and Pinsebevegelsen) is the largest Protestant free church in Norway with a total membership at 39,590 people [1] in 2009.

Thomas Ball Barratt brought Pentecostalism to Norway in 1907. Barratt did not want to establish a new Christian movement, but wanted the Christian communities renewed. However, they did not, and he was the founder of the Pentecostal movement in Norway. Barratt was effective both in Sweden, Denmark and England, and when he visited Denmark in 1907, that was the beginning of the Danish Pentecostal movement. It is said that Barratt have been significant for the establishment of the Pentecostal movement in several European countries, such as Sweden and England.

There are over 280 Pentecostal churches in Norway. Most are traditional churches but congregations with different concepts have also been established. For example, Jesus Church is targeted at young people.

Year Pentecostal Percent
1980 42,518 1.04%
1990 43,471 1.02%
2000 45,006 1.04%
2005 42,744 0.92%
2009 39,590 0.82%

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