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Penthilus is the name for two distinct people in Greek mythology.

Son of Orestes and Erigone[edit]

Penthilus[pronunciation?] (Πένθιλος) was the illegitimate or legitimate son of half-siblings Orestes and Erigone. Erigone was the daughter of Clytemnestra and Aigisthos (both of whom Orestes killed), while Orestes was the son of Clytemnestra and Agamemnon. Erigone is said to have hanged herself or married Orestes after his wife Hermione died. Orestes was ruler over much of the Peloponnese and died of a snakebite at age 70. One story says that as a child, Penthilus was torn apart and devoured by wolves in the Taygetus mountains, near Sparta. His father established a festival of mourning, the so-called Penthilia in his honour.

According to Pausanias, Penthilus grew up and founded a city either on Lesbos or in Thrace.[1] His grandson Gras founded a city Aeolis, between Ionia and Mysia.[1]

King of Messenia[edit]

Penthilus was also the name of a king of Messenia, son of Periclymenus and father of Borus.


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