People's Action Movement

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People's Action Movement
International affiliation International Democrat Union
4 / 11
Politics of Saint Kitts and Nevis
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The People's Action Movement (PAM) is a political party in Saint Kitts and Nevis. The party currently holds two of the eleven seats in the National Assembly.


The party first contested national elections in 1966, when they received 35.0% of the vote and won two seats.[1] They were reduced to a single seat in the 1971 elections, but regained their second seat in 1975. In the 1980 elections they won three seats, and were able to form a coalition government with the Nevis Reformation Party to oust the Saint Kitts and Nevis Labour Party from power for the first time since 1952. PAM leader Kennedy Simmonds led the country to independence in 1983, and the party won six of the eleven seats in the 1984 elections to remain in power. They again won six seats in 1989. The 1993 elections saw the Labour Party receive the most votes, but both parties won four seats. The PAM remained in power, but early elections were held in 1995, which saw the PAM reduced to just one seat (with Simmonds losing his) after the government's links to drug traffickers had been exposed by the Labour Party.[2] They lost their single seat in the 2000 elections, but regained it in 2004. In the 2010 elections they won two seats.

Lindsay Grant served as Leader of the People's Action Movement until his resignation in July 2012.[3]


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