People's Alliance (Sri Lanka)

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People's Alliance
පොදු ජන එක්සත් පෙරමුණ
Secretary D. M. Jayaratne
Founded 1994
Headquarters 301, 3rd Floor, T. B. Jaya Mawatha, Colombo 10
National affiliation United People's Freedom Alliance
Election symbol
Politics of Sri Lanka
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The People's Alliance (PA) is a front of political parties in Sri Lanka, formed in 1994.

It comprises the following parties:

The PA was successful in the general elections held in 1994 and 2000, as well as the presidential elections of 1994 and 1999. However, it was defeated in the general election in 2001. After the creation of the United People's Freedom Alliance in 2004, PA has been side-lined. CPSL and LSSP has threatened to revive PA as a separate front, not that has not occurred so far.

The General Secretary is D. M. Jayaratne.