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People's Artist of Russia (Народный артист России Narodny artist Rossii), also sometimes translated as National Artist of Russia, is an honorary title granted to citizens of Russia. It succeeded both the all-Soviet union award People's Artist of the USSR (Народный артист СССР), and more directly the local republic award, People's Artist of the RSFSR (Народный артист РСФСР), after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. However since there can be no equivalent to the People's Artist of USSR now, the status of the People's Artist of Russia has risen above that of the earlier RSFSR award.

There are today two levels of award:

  • The lower Honored Artist of Russia (Заслуженный артист Zasluzhenniy artist) also translated as Merited or Meritous Artist. This was equivalent to the earlier «Заслуженный артист РСФСР» became «Заслуженный артист Российской Федерации»
  • The higher People's Artist of Russia (Народный артист России Narodny artist)

Receiving the lower Honored... (Заслуженный Zasluzhenniy artist) award, leaves one eligible to receive the higher People's... (Народный Narodny) award later. For example the light entertainment singer Sergei Georgievich Zakharov was awarded Honored Artist of the RSFSR (Заслуженный артист РСФСР) in 1988, then People's Artist of Russia (Народный артист России) in 1996.

Categories awarded[edit]

The awards may be issued to people working in the following fields:

- Architect - Teacher - Artist - Agronomist - Architect - Chemist - Miner - veterinarian - Military Pilot - Military Expert - Military Navigator - Doctor - Geologist - Scientist - Land surveyor - Husbandry - Inventor - Designer - Forester - Test Pilot - Mechanic - Metallurgist - Meteorologist - Border Guard - Community services worker - Foreign Service Employee - Health Worker - Cultural Worker - Forestry Worker - Oil & Gas Industry Worker - Employee of the Food Industry - Employee of the Aerospace Industry

Other professionals are open to attaining the title as well as those listed.

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