People's Front of Iceland

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People's Front
Chairperson Thorvaldur Thorvaldsson [1]
Vice-chairperson Sólveig Hauksdóttir[1]
Founded 13 Jan 2013 (announced)[1]
18 Feb 2013 (founded)[2]
Headquarters Hverfisgata 82, 101 Reykjavik
Ideology Anticapitalism,[3]
Political position Far left
Colours Red
Seats in the parliament
0 / 63
Politics of Iceland
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People's Front of Iceland (Icelandic: Alþýðufylkingin, PFI[4]) is an anticapitalist[3] political party in Iceland founded on 18 February 2013, seeking to "... free the people from the yoke of market capitalism."[8] It is "unconditionally opposed" to Iceland's accession to the European Union[9] or NATO, believing them to be "imperialist" organizations.[4] The party leader, Thorvaldur Thorvaldsson, is a self-declared communist.[10]


I must admit that I, personally, am somewhat responsible for the crisis. Long before it hit us, I knew as a socialist that capitalism was unsustainable and that it has a crisis built into it. This I knew, but I did not do all I possibly could have done to stage a revolution. This is my responsibility and it follows that I will not be co-dependent with capitalism, but will do my utmost to replace it with a society of equality and social justice.

—Vesteinn Valgardsson[11]

The People's Front of Iceland originated in Reykjavík. Party chairman Thorvaldur Thorvaldsson organized poetry readings and other informal meetings which were attended by workers, radicalized in the aftermath of the 2008 Icelandic financial crisis.

They successfully applied for the list letter R to contest the 2013 Icelandic parliamentary election, marking their first foray into electoral politics, and subsequently submitted an official candidate list on 12 April 2013.[12] In the 2013 election they chose to only run candidates in the Reykjavík North and Reykjavík South constituencies.[13][14]

Electoral results[edit]

Election year # of
overall votes
 % of
overall vote
# of
overall seats won
2013 118 0.06
0 / 63


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