People's Life Party, Yamamoto Tarō, and Company

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People's Life Party, Yamamoto Tarō, and Company
Leader Ichirō Ozawa
President Ichirō Ozawa
Secretary-General Katsumasa Suzuki
Councilors leader Ryo Shuhama
Representatives leader Denny Tamaki
Founded 27 December 2012 (2012-12-27)
Split from Tomorrow Party of Japan
Preceded by People's Life First
Headquarters 2-12-8 Nagatacho
Chiyoda, Tokyo
Political position Centre-Left
Colors Green
3 / 242
2 / 475
Politics of Japan
Political parties

People's Life Party, Yamamoto Tarō, and Company (生活の党と山本太郎となかまたち Seikatsu no Tō to Yamamoto Tarō to Nakamatachi?) is a political party in Japan. It has 7 out of the 480 seats in the House of Representatives, and 3 in the 242-member House of Councillors.

It changed its name from "People's Life Party" on 27 December 2014. The name change was apparently imposed by Yamamoto Tarō as a condition for keeping the party from disbanding.[1]


The party was founded by Ichiro Ozawa and 14 other diet members who were in the Tomorrow Party of Japan (TPJ), who left among conflict over party leadership between Ozawa and TPJ leader Yukiko Kada after the TPJ fared badly during the 2012 general election.

Presidents of PLP[edit]

No. Name Term of office Image
Took Office Left Office
1 Yuko Mori
森 裕子 / 森 ゆうこ
Mori Yūko
27 December 2012 25 January 2013 Yuko Mori cropped 1 Takashi Kii Yuko Mori Masaharu Nakagawa and John Roos 201110.jpg
2 Ichirō Ozawa
小沢 一郎
Ozawa Ichirō
25 January 2013 Incumbent Ichiro Ozawa cropped 3 Yoshitaka Kimoto and Ichiro Ozawa 20010718.jpg

PLP members in the Diet[edit]

House of Representatives[edit]

House of Councillors[edit]


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