People's National Party (Belize)

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People's National Party
Leader Wil Maheia
Founded February 19, 2007
Headquarters 57 Main St., Punta Gorda, Belize
Colours Green, Yellow, & White

The People's National Party of Belize is a young political movement headquartered in Punta Gorda, Toledo District, Belize, which declared candidacy for the 2008 general elections. It held its first meeting on Sunday, February 19, 2007 in San Antonio Village, Toledo District.

The Party Leader is Wil Maheia, who is a consultant in farming, tourism and the environment. He will stand in the Toledo East constituency in the forthcoming General Election. Other declared candidates are Basillio Mes, Tour Operator and expert on birds, Mayan culture and caving, who will stand for Stann Creek West, and Mike Campbell, builder, who will stand for Belize Rural South. Other potential candidates are currently going throughout the party's adoption process.

The Party's platform was anti-corruption, pro free market economy, pro education, pro law and order, and in favour of environmentally sustainable development based on agriculture and high end tourism. Its philosophy is to work from the grass roots, for the good of the many, not for the few.

National Belizean Alliance[edit]

The PNP joined a coalition of third parties contesting the 2008 general elections, known as the National Belizean Alliance (NBA). The NBA elected Maheia as leader.

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