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People's Party Inc[1] was founded and formed in November 2006 by Hon. Ipatas with other like minded intellectuals, business representatives, resources owners and the people. The party has a strong backing from the people of Papua New Guinea who are registered financial members. It has six (6) Members in the (2007-2012) National Parliament with Hon. Peter Ipatas MP as Parliamentary Leader. Other MPs are Hon. John Pundari (Kompiam-Ambum), Hon. Sailon Besso (Kainantu), Hon. Samson Kuli (Usino-Bundi), Hon. Dr. Moses Manwau (Wewak) and Hon. Gordon Wesley (Samari-Mura).

People’s Party Inc believes in empowering Papua New Guineans to live in a just, peaceful and healthy educated society with an improved lifestyle. The principle purpose for creation of People’s Party Inc was to give the ordinary people of this country an opportunity in decision making process in governance through the Party and hails to allow the people to take ownership of the Party, its Policies and Decisions.

People’s Party Inc aims to drive the Wills, Wishes and Dreams of the majority of people and to give the people of Papua New Guinea ‘the real feel and meaning Democracy. People’s Party Inc does not believe in using Economic Success as s Scale to Measure the Successes of a Society. But, improved living standard, basic government services and basic human rights are the perfect tools to measure the successes of a society.Honorable Peter O'Neil

The party won only 6 seats of the 111 seats in the recent 2012 General Elections.On 14 January 2013, the People's Party merged with the People's National Congress Party let by the Prime Minister Rt. Honorable Peter O'Neil


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