People's Party for Work and Betterment

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People's Party for Work and Betterment
Narodna Stranka Radom za Boljitak
Leader Mladen Ivanković-Lijanović
Founded October 1, 2001
Headquarters Kranjčevićeva 41
71000 Sarajevo
Ideology Social liberalism
Political position Centre
Colours Blue, green and red
789 / 29,670
Politics of Bosnia and Herzegovina
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People's Party for Work and Betterment (Bosnian and Croatian: Narodna Stranka Radom za Boljitak) is a multi-ethnic party in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which enjoys support from all ethnic groups. It was founded and run by Mladen Ivanković-Lijanović, from Široki Brijeg. According to Article 2 of the party's statute it promotes the following principles;

  • To protect and preserve sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina within its internationally accepted borders;
  • To shape a modern democratic and social state with multi-party Parliament and with division of authority on legislative, executive and judicial branch;
  • To protect and achieve freedom and rights of every human being regardless to his/hers national, religious, political, racial, proprietary, or any other kind of differences;
  • To achieve free market economy and private entrepreneurship, and social politics according to the Western European principles and standards;
  • To develop economy as a base for faster renewal and growth of our country in all of its segments;
  • To create new work-places or to decrease the number of unemployed persons;
  • Return of refugees and displaced persons in their pre-war homes as fast as possible;
  • To stop negative trend of young and expert people emigrating from our country;
  • To create conditions for healthy life through nature preservation and human environment protection.