People's joint association

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People's joint association
Hangul 만민공동회, 관민공동회
Hanja 萬民共同會, 官民共同會
Revised Romanization Manmingongdonghoe, Gwanmingongdonghoe
McCune–Reischauer Manmingongdonghoe, Kwanmingongdonghoe

People's joint association(also Manmingongdonghue(만민공동회) and Kwanmingongdonghoe(관민공동회)) was a civic group and congress of mass people in Korean Empire, 1897. a subordinate office of Independence Club.

first People's joint association was congress was held by Independence Club.[1] and latter part congress was Korean peoples autonomy. founder of Seo Jae-pil, Yun Chi-ho, Lee Sang-jae.


founder of Seo Jae-pil, Yun Chi-ho, Lee Sang-jae, there was a member of Independence club. also Manmingongdonghoi's vip member was Seo Jae-pil, Yu Gil-chun, Yun Chi-ho, Ahn Chang-ho, Lee Sang-jae, Syngman Rhee ather.

Manmingongdongheo was first held on 1896. On March 10, 1897, criticizing an intervention of Russia. Ten thousand Seoul citizens attended the congress. Within ten days, the Korean Empire government agreed the decisions of Manmingongdonghoe and Russia conceded to Korean order. The congress grew more and more, and insisted on various rights of people and protection of concessions from the great Powers.

first congress was Independence Club also latter part congress was Korean peoples autonomy.

On October 12, the congress succeed in founding a reform minded government composed of innovative officials such as Mihn Yong-hwan and Park Jeong-yang. The new government agreed to establish a national assembly. However pro-Russians and conservatives who hated Manmingongdonghoe, spread a rumor that the congress will revolt and expel Emperor Gojong.[2] Gojong surprised and ordered the troops to dissolve the congress.[2]


Manmingongdonghoe spread thoughts of human rights, democracy and patriotism among Korean people.

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