Pepin, Count of Vermandois

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Pepin (818 - after 854) was the first count of Vermandois, lord of Senlis, Péronne, and Saint Quentin. He was the son of King Bernard of Italy and Cunigunda of Laon.

Pepin first appears in 834 as a count to the north of the Seine and then appears as same again in 840. In that year, he supported Lothair I against Louis the Pious.

Pepin's wife is unknown, she has been spuriously called "Rothaide de Bobbio". His heir inherited much Nibelungid territory and so historian K. F. Werner hypothesized a marriage to a daughter of Theodoric Nibelung. Their children were:

  • Bernard (c. 844 – after 893), count of Laon
  • Gerberge (born c. 854)
  • Pepin (c. 846–893), count of Senlis and lord of Valois (877–893)
  • Herbert I of Vermandois (c. 850–907)
  • Beatrix (born c. 854)
  • Mathilde (born c. 857)
  • Adelaide (born c. 858)
  • Cunigunda