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Giuseppe "Peppino" D'Agostino (born 1956 in Messina, Sicily) is a musician.[1]


Peppino D'Agostino was first drawn to the guitar after watching his cousin perform during church services in his hometown of Torino. The self-taught musician began picking out tunes by ear. Inspired by legends like Paco de Lucia, Leo Kottke and Carlos Santana, he was composing and recording solos throughout Italy by the age of 18. Immigrating to San Francisco in 1984 to pursue his dream as a composer and performer, he paid his dues as a street musician before developing into a world renowned recording artist and performer. Critics have long hailed him as "a poet…among the best talents around" (San Francisco Chronicle) and "one of the most capable composers among fingerstyle guitarists" (Acoustic Guitar).[citation needed]

Musical productions[edit]

In addition to regularly performing concerts throughout North and South America, Canada and Europe, D’Agostino has released eight critically acclaimed solo albums in the US, two collaborations albums (one with electric guitarist Stef Burns and the other with classical genius David Tanenbaum) and three DVDs. He has been featured on numerous guitar samplers alongside greats like Pat Metheny, Mike Stern and John Scofield. He has written numerous guitar instructional books and videos. In 1997 he wrote, composed and produced a soundtrack for the feature length Italian movie Ardena, directed by Luca Barbareschi. D'Agostino is a featured guitarist in the United Guitar Ensemble, an ensemble composed of seven of the world's top classical guitarists and D'Agostino on steel string. His most recent solo recording is 2010’s self-released Nine White Kites.

In 2009 he collaborated on the last Flavio Sala's album "De La Buena Onda".


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