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Per Philip Argentine, born 1986, is a low budget filmmaker responsible for the making of approximately a dozen short films.

Early career[edit]

Argentine grew up in Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania. He followed the footsteps of his father Peter, who is the founder of Argentine Productions,[1] a small filmmaking corporation based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. One of Argentine's first feature films was The Incredible Dave Moneit, a story about a young man and his plot to take over his school. The film was a statement on the groups and cliques in the typical American high school. The Mount Lebanon High School newspaper, The Devil's Advocate, claimed it one of Mount Lebanon's greatest accomplishment of all time,[citation needed] and has since been aired in Japan.[2]

Argentine began his college career in 2004 at The Pennsylvania State University. He made short films with his floor-mates being the actors. First year films included "Return" and "Balance". The film, "Lock the Door", has said to be lost in time and was never completed, although all of the scenes were shot. During his second year, Argentine devoted most of his time to his studies, but managed to produce two more films, including "Orangutan" and his first film festival movie, "Body and Spirit", which was shown in the 2006 Penn State Film Festival,[3] receiving much applause. During his third and fourth year, Per took somewhat of a hiatus and disappeared from the movie making scene to focus on his studies. Argentine spent months writing the mini-series "Kevin Johnson and His Merry Players", but due to budget cuts and actors not willing, the movie had to be scrapped after only two weeks of production. Argentine rebounded, however, and directed the short film "Snowbound", "Killtacular", and his thesis short film "Sleep", which would end up being the feature film in the 2008 Penn State Film Festival.[3] He also made some nonprofit music videos and was the Videographer Captain for the 2008 Penn State Dance Marathon, THON.

After graduating, Argentine collaborated on an award winning short, "Spotless: A Clean Break", for the 2009 Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project (Best fight Choreography and Best Directing).[4] He was editor and cameraman for director Jacob Hoyson's "Spaceventures: Episode 26: Ice to Meet You" and "Angles Along the Vector".

Current projects[edit]

Argentine is an editor and director of historical documentaries[3] and National Parks Films at Argentine Productions and frequently collaborates with fellow Pittsburgh filmmakers Jacob Hoyson, Ryan Parent, and Dan Gray. Current projects include an unnamed short film about paintballers and another chapter in Jacob Hoyson's ongoing "Dexy" short films.

Though not well known outside of Pittsburgh, Argentine has achieved a following within the city.