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Per Roald Bauhn (born 23 July 1960 in Markaryd, Kronoberg County) is a Swedish philosopher and a professor of practical philosophy at the University of Kalmar since 2004. [1] His main subjects include the study of ethics and political philosophy. He has authored several books on topics such as nationalism, political terrorism and courage. He lectures at the Florence Academy of Art.[2]


  • (1990) Världens terrorism (in Swedish), Stockholm: Utrikespolitiska institutet, ISBN 91-7182-739-0.
  • (1989) Ethical aspects of political terrorism : the sacrificing of the innocent, Lund: Lund University Press (ISBN 91-7966-064-9); Bromley: Chartwell-Bratt (ISBN 0-86238-207-6).
  • (1995) Nationalism and morality, Lund: Lund University Press (ISBN 91-7966-317-6); Bromley: Chartwell-Bratt (ISBN 0-86238-392-7).
  • (1995) Multiculturalism and nationhood in Canada : the cases of First Nations and Quebec (co-authors: Christer Lindberg & Svante Lundberg), Lund: Lund University Press (ISBN 91-7966-342-7); Bromley: Chartwell-Bratt (ISBN 0-86238-411-7).
  • (2003) The value of courage, Lund: Nordic Academic Press, ISBN 91-89116-62-3 (hardback).
  • (2006) Mänskliga rättigheter och filosofi (in Swedish), Malmö: Liber, ISBN 91-47-07668-2.


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