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Per Fly at the Nordic Council Film Prize 2005 (top left).

Per Fly Plejdrup (born 14 January 1960 in Skive) is a Danish film director, generally credited simply as Per Fly. He is married to Danish actress Charlotte Fich. They have the children Anton and Aksel together.


He was admitted to the The National Film School of Denmark in 1989.[1] He graduated in 1993. His feature film debut was in 2000 with the movie Bænken (The Bench), which told the story of Kaj, a man whose life has led him into serious alcoholism. This film started the Denmark trilogy, which portrayed situations and characters from the lower, upper and middle classes in Denmark, in that order. The stop-motion animation film Prop og Berta (Prop and Berta, 2001) followed Bænken, but was not part of the trilogy. The trilogy continued with Arven (The Inheritance, 2003) depicting the upper class, and the middle class in Drabet (Manslaughter, 2005).

In 2007 he shot a series entitled Forestillinger, broadcast on Danish television Danmarks Radio. It pivots on the same period of time from the perspective of six different people, whose life situations overlap and intertwine. The meaning of the word Forestillinger is ambiguous in Danish language, and can refer to "conceptions" or (as in "conceptions about one self") as well as "plays" or "shows" in the theatrical sense.

With the exception of Prop og Berta, the nature of Per Fly's filmography is centered around the lives of ordinary people, being mainly (social) realistic in nature. They explore the conditions under which the characters are living, and try to validate or explain the choices they make through a detailed psychological and social depiction of the characters involved. Per Fly has written manuscripts for the three movies of the Denmark trilogy.


Other works[edit]

  • Taxa, episode 31 (1998, TV series)
  • Taxa, episode 32 (1998, TV series)
  • Taxa, episode 33 (1998, TV series)
  • Performances (Forestillinger) (2007, TV series)



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