Per Schelander

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Per Schelander
Born 1971
Origin Stockholm, Sweden
Genres Progressive metal
Associated acts House of Shakira, Royal Hunt, Pain of Salvation, Get2you, Spyke, Mercury Fang, Chris Catena, Narnia
Website Official website


Music in all shapes and forms has been Per Schelander's style since he picked up the bass guitar when he was fifteen. A local band that Per really liked lost their bass player, so he approached them and said that he could play bass. They said ok and Per went home to practice. The name of the band is forgotten but the guitar player was called Andreas Möller (the genius at Stinkfoot electronics). In almost the same way he joined House of Shakira six years later. They asked him if he was used to sing in harmony. Per said "yes" and went home to practice as a maniac since he'd never actually done that before… Today Per sings the highest or the lowest part in House of Shakiras big harmony vocals. Around 1988 Per discovered Billy Sheehan and thought that his playing was the coolest thing he had ever heard. He started studying music seriously at the age of 18, starting off with two years in Sweden before he headed for Los Angeles to attend the Musicians Institute. Since then Per have played with a lot of bands and artist and here's a few of them: House of Shakira, Royal Hunt, Pain of Salvation, Spyke, The Furillos, The Fabulous Coverboys, Glam, Ingemar Olsson, Stefan Jämtbäck, Ingmar Johansson, Charlotte Perelli, Bromstens Kapell, Jade Ell, Mercury Fang, Daniel Flores.