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Percy Eugene Foreman (June 21, 1902 – August 25, 1988) was a criminal defense attorney from Houston, Texas. Various sources indicate that Foreman was born near either Bold Springs, Texas or Cold Springs, Texas.[1] Foreman moved to Livingston, Texas when he was six years old.[2] He was the son of Ransom Parson Hill Foreman, a former sheriff of Polk County, Texas.[3] Percy Foreman attended Staunton Military Academy in Virginia for one year, graduated from the University of Texas Law School in 1927,[4] and was admitted to the Texas Bar on January 17, 1928.[5] He went on to become one of America's best known trial lawyers.

Foreman was a respected master of tactics. He lost only 53 of 1500 death-penalty cases and only one case resulted in execution (Steve Mitchell, electrocuted in Texas in 1951).[6][7]

Foreman's clients included General Edwin Walker,[8] James Earl Ray,[9] [1] Charles Harrelson,[10]Candy Mossler [11] and various mafia kingpins. .

Jack Ruby requested that Foreman represent him after he shot Lee Harvey Oswald.[12]

Dick DeGuerin credits Foreman as a mentor. He was an associate at Foreman's firm (1971-1982).[13]


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