Peregrine Eliot, 10th Earl of St Germans

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The Earl of St Germans
Born Lord Peregrine Nicholas Eliot
(1941-01-02) 2 January 1941 (age 73)
Residence Port Eliot, St Germans, Cornwall
Occupation Landowner
Title 10th Earl of St Germans

1 Jacquetta Jean Frederika Lampson (with issue)
2) Elizabeth Dorothy Williams

3) Catherine Wilson

Jago Nicholas Aldo Eliot (known as Lord Eliot) (1966–2006)
Louis Robert Eliot (1968–)

Francis Michael Eliot (1971–)

Peregrine Nicholas Eliot, 10th Earl of St Germans (born 2 January 1941), is a British peer.


Early life[edit]

Peregrine Nicholas Eliot is the son of Nicholas Eliot, 9th Earl of St Germans and his wife Helen Mary née Villers (c. 1918 – 6 December 1951). He was educated at Eton.

In 1988, on the death of his father, he succeeded as the 10th Earl of St Germans.

Personal life[edit]

He has has been married three times:



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  3. ^ GRO Register of Marriages: APR 1992 13 1331 KENSINGTON & CHELSEA – Eliot = Williams

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