Perfect Friday

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Perfect Friday
Perfect friday.jpg
Directed by Peter Hall
Produced by Stanley Baker
Jack Smith
Written by Scott Forbes
Anthony Greville-Bell
Starring Ursula Andress
Stanley Baker
David Warner
Music by John Dankworth
Cinematography Alan Hume
Edited by Rex Pyke
Distributed by London Screen
Release dates
November 10, 1970 (UK)
December 23, 1970 (U.S.)
Running time
94 min.
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Perfect Friday is a British bank-heist film released in 1970, directed by Peter Hall. It stars Ursula Andress as Lady Britt Dorset, Stanley Baker as Mr Graham, David Warner as Lord Nicholas Dorset and T. P. McKenna as Smith.


The story revolves around three people -- Lord Nicholas Dorset and his wife Britt, for whom luxury is a necessity, and their bank manager Mr. Graham. Over the years, Mr. Graham has devised a plan to rob his own bank. His clients' desperate financial straits make them ideal accomplices in his eyes, but to ensure their loyalty he makes love to Britt after sending her husband away, then bribes Nick with a retainer.

The robbery scheme is dependent on timing and must be carried out on a Friday -- the perfect Friday. With careful planning, the simple, neat crime is eventually accomplished. But each mistrusts the other, and with £300,000 at stake, the three robbers have a lot to lose.

The film is noted for its snappy dialogue and charming chemistry between Baker and Andress. The underlying message is about class in 1970s Britain. A DVD was scheduled for release in 2013.



The movie was produced by Stanley Baker who later said of it:

What I like about Perfect Friday is that everybody lies to each other and everybody believes each other's lies. I don't know if the audience realises it, but every time the characters speak to each other, they're lying.[1]


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